Which tank to pick?

For those who choose to sub-ohm vape, an #atomizer with a #resistance under an #ohm will be necessary. If you are trying to figure out how to sub ohm vape, there are three options available:

  1. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs): In the beginning, if you wanted to sub ohm vape, a rebuildable dripping atomizer would have been your only choice. These atomizers allow vapers to build their own coil and wrap their own cotton. Instead of a tank, users would simply drip e-liquid onto the wick.

  2. Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs): RTAs are similar to #RDA's in that they allow individuals to build and customize their own coils, but the coils are built within a tank so that dripping is no longer a requirement. Instead, e-juice is held in a small tank that gives a much longer vaping experience between juice refills.

  3. Sub Ohm Tanks: Commercial #tanks make sub ohm vaping very easy. Since commercial coils are ‘ready-to-go’, vapers don’t have to build them or maintain them. Instead of screwing in a coil and wicking cotton through it, users can simply spin a commercial coil into the #tank, fill the tank with #eliquid, and begin #vaping immediately.

Sub-Ohm vs. Regular Vaping

The main difference between sub ohm vaping and regular (above ohm) vaping is whether or not the atomizer’s resistance is above or below one ohm. However, in terms of the vaper’s experience, there are three major differences that come from the increased power of a sub-ohm device. These three differences and reasons why sub ohm vaping is popular include:

  • Bigger #Clouds: If more power means one thing for vapers, it means bigger and more vibrant clouds. For cloud chasers, and those who just prefer more vape on each hit, the performance of a sub ohm device far exceeds the performance of an above ohm device.

  • More #Flavor: More vape means more flavor. Since sub ohm vaping uses more vape juice than vaping at a higher resistance, sub ohm vapers are able to maximize the flavor on each and every pull. 

  • Warmer #Vape: #Subohm vaping means more power, and as a result, the vapor will typically be warmer than an above ohm experience. Commercial devices and tanks usually have ample airflow to ensure that the vape is not hot enough to cause discomfort, but instead, enough to make sure that each hit is warm and smooth on your throat.

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