What are disposable E-cigs?

The modern version of disposable e cigarettes was invented by Hon Lik as an alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. The idea was to create a more discrete way of consuming nicotine without the combustion and without the foreign chemicals often found in traditional cigarette products. One of the earliest versions of a disposable e cigarette was the Ruyan E Cigar which was released in China in 2004. 

So what exactly is a disposable e cigarette? A #disposable e cigarette is made to replicate the feel and shape of a traditional cigarette but instead of containing dried tobacco leaves within, a disposable e cigarette contains a cartridge of nicotine-based #Eliquid which is heated by an internal battery that converts its power output into wattage that heats up elements and creates vapor which is then inhaled. 

Unlike full #vaping set ups that include a box mod and #atomizer, a disposable cannot be refilled and has a lifespan of between 300 and 1500 puffs of use. Some of the pros for using a disposable e cigarette are:

  • Low cost in the short run

  • Ease of use

  • Discrete

  • Easy to purchase

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