Picking a vaping device


The most basic of vapor devices and also the most readily available would be the #Ciglike or #disposable. A portmanteau of "cigarette" and "alike," these devices are about the size of a combustible old-fashioned cigarette. #Cigalikes don't need to be refilled with #eliquid, don't need to be turned on or off—some of the simplest disposable models don't even require battery charging. This is about as close as it comes to a grab-and-go vaping experience, though in the long run the experience tends to be both costly and for most people it'll fall short of being satisfying.

Vape Pens.

#Vape pens are the size of a small permanent marker (hence, the "pen" moniker). You'll often hear them referenced by the proprietary name "#eGo" even if they are not actually that particular brand. While still a beginner-friendly device, #vapepens are good in that they allow you to choose your own e-liquid and re-use your hardware many times over to save on replacement costs. With pens, you can even begin experimenting with adjusting the power on your device to find the "sweet spot" for your favorite flavor and throat hit. While the popularity of the vape pen peaked a few years ago and they're not as common as they once were, the device still has its devoted fan base. One of the most simplistic things about this option is that you'll only have to fill them with liquid and they are ready for use, making them more cost efficient than ciglike devices.

Pod Systems.

Pod systems or as they are more commonly referred to, Pod Mods could be thought of as the next-generation cigalike, since they offer both improved performance and a wider variety of styles. Offering a considerable improvement over cartridge-style cigalikes, #pod #devices are also designed for simplicity, with no buttons to push and no adjustments for the user to make. These come in both "open" and "closed" system styles, which allow you to choose your own liquid to fill your pod with or to purchase sealed disposable #pods that have already been filled. With disposable pods, you simply snap it onto a battery to start vaping. #podmods can be cost effective or costly, depending on whether the user buys a refillable pod or the profiled pods.

Vape Mods.

Vape Mods have a wide category that defies a simple definition, suffice to say that devices in this group don't readily fit into any other category. The term "#mod" is short for "modified," and comes from a time when vapers had only two options: using poor-performing ciglikes or tinkering around to modify some other electronic device to be used as a makeshift vape. Mods can be so rudimentary that they're risky for a beginner. Or they can be so sophisticated that they've got enough fail-safes to ensure anyone can dial in the perfect vape with neither risk nor effort.

One thing advanced #vapemods all have in common: they deliver a vaping experience that's superior to any other style of hardware available on the market. This is where most people who stick with vaping will eventually land. Keep in mind that mods alone cannot produce vapor they require a #tank with an #atomizer and either one or two 18650 #batteries in order to produce vapor.

The best solution to this enigma is simple, stop by #happyvaporshops so we can guide you towards the right device.

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