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Miami New Times, Best of 2022!

Alongside Happy Vapor Shops' shelves stacked neatly with various Delta-8 THC candies, single-use vape pens, and e-juices is the "Wall of Hope," filled with old Marlboro and Newport cigarette packs. Since Marty Rodriguez opened the Doral vape store in 2013, she has striven not only to sell topnotch products with great service but to also support her customers' transition from cigarettes to vaping devices. "Everybody that buys a kit to quit smoking, I will get their pack of cigarettes and put it up on the wall, because that was a commitment," Rodriguez explains. The small shop, sandwiched between two restaurants (one Colombian, one Chinese) in a nondescript strip mall, feels like home for vape bros and ex-smokers alike. The store even maintains an educational blog that it regularly updates with information about its products, which include Delta-8 and nicotine salts.


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