Mesh coils vs Traditional Round Wire coils

Mesh materials are not exactly new to the vaping industry. Introduced initially as a #wicking material before the popularity of cotton, rolled cylinders of mesh were used to deliver e-liquid from the tank to the heating element. In recent times, however, mesh sheets have found a resurgence within the #vaping community as one of the leading coiling materials. Most #mesh #coils are simply metal strips with holes punched out. However, with recent innovations, we have seen woven mesh coils that can deliver a larger #cloud of #vapor thanks to the greater surface area and lower resistance. Changing to mesh coils can bring about a world of benefits with little-to-no work, so let's take an in-depth look at using mesh coils and what they can do for you.

When constructed in either the multi-hole punch or woven wire mesh configuration, mesh coils excel due to the myriad of benefits ranging from better flavor to lowered power consumption. There are a slew of pros that come with using mesh, but it is not without its downsides. Here are some of the factors that are influenced by the use of prebuilt mesh coils:

Faster heat & Intense Flavor

Mesh coil structures have a lower resistance, allowing electricity to flow in between the positive and negative terminals with ease. This results in even and rapid heating of the thin mesh heating element, preserving #battery power. In turn, this presents a larger surface area for vaporization to occur, leading to a denser vaping output with a tremendous amount of flavor, due to more e-liquid being vaporized versus the traditional round wire coil. Since heating and vaporization occur with lower power levels, the vapor produced is of a lower temperature, leading to cooler vape temperatures and more satisfying vape experiences.

It's Cheaper

As mesh coils are becoming more prevalent, they are also becoming more economical, allowing lower power usage thanks to the lower resistance. This will preserve battery life and power. However, with improved heating and vaporization, the mesh coil can vaporize more e-liquid in every hit, resulting in faster depletion of your favorite flavor. This is a negligible downside as we stock your favorite #eJuice flavors and some that you'll fall in love with.

They aren't Everywhere

One thing that mesh coil users suffer from is the availability of pre-built mesh coils. Unlike standard round wire coils, mesh coils cannot be simply made from traditional coil building materials. This means that if mesh coils are currently out of stock, you would have to find another source of coils or wait for a restock. Traditional round wire coils benefit from being able to be made on the fly with various types round wire always in healthy supply. This means that even if your favored round wire coil configuration is out of stock, it can still be crafted with traditional wire.

Easy to install

Mesh Coils are incredibly easy to install and replace, unlike traditional round wire coils. With many differing constructions of RDA’s or RTA’s, mesh coils have the same processes of installation. Usually affixed to two ends of the build deck with a type of fastening system, the #mesh coil is placed against juice-laden #cotton. There is no need to count wraps, gauge inner diameter, or smooth out hotspots, making mesh coils installation a breeze for beginners. They just need to be bent to the correct rounded shape with full contact against the juice-laden cotton to begin pumping out nice clouds of dense flavored vapor.

Hopefully this guide has familiarized the benefits of mesh prebuilt coils offered by some leading vape brands, like #Wotofo, #VandyVape, and #SMOK.

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