Improving your performance with Delta 8 (with dosing chart).

Delta 8 is a part of the cannabis plant. Many athletes started to use cannabis products to improve their health and get more energy. One of the most effective cannabinoids is delta 8. It is a substance that has a beneficial effect on the physical condition of the body.

Athletes can even buy bulk delta 8 THC at low prices at Happy Vapor Shops. That’s a money-saving option for those who need more delta 8 to improve their training. Cannabis products are invading wellness and health industries. Since recently, delta-8 has been playing a very important game in the world of athletes.

Athletes are craving for the adrenaline rush. Sometimes the human body cannot produce as much energy as athletes need. Every athlete often faces severe muscle pain and a lack of energy and focus. So, let’s see the role of delta-8 and how it can affect athletic performance.

Delta 8 vs. Painful Inflammation

Every athlete often encounters injuries and painful inflammations. It is an integral part of physical activity. Inflammation and pain are unpredictable, especially in people who are always physically active. Inflammation of the muscles can be unbearably painful and affect the quality of training.

Since one of the better-known benefits of delta 8 is that it eases body pains, athletes are free to use it instead of analgesics. Some medical experts recommend delta-8 as a far safer alternative for treating painful inflammation. Delta 8 acts on pain receptors in the same way as analgesics and delta 8 is natural.

Delta 8 for Energy

Delta 8 can also help in increasing energy. Athletes have a special diet that they must adhere to. That diet is full of protein, healthy carbohydrates, and fats from which they get energy. But sometimes that’s not enough. Heavy and exhausting workouts that professional athletes have requires additional supplements for an energy boost.

Delta 8 acts as a natural source of energy. With the right dosage, this phytocannabinoid can increase energy and improve workout quality. It can also help after an exhausting workout and restore strength and energy much better than caffeine. Of all the cannabinoids, delta 8 has the most beneficial effect on mood and energy recovery.

Delta 8 for Focus

Athletes need to be focused on every detail when training to avoid potential injuries. Focus is essential when someone is engaged in physical activities. Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that interacts with the nervous system.

The central nervous system is responsible for focus and coordination. The active components of delta 8 act on the nerves and improve circulation. This cannabinoid increases energy, focus and enhances motor skills.

Every movement is vital for professional athletes. Studies have shown that delta 8 works well on memory and focus and does not interfere with concentration but improves it. If you consume delta-8 before training, you will have a different perception and better performance.

Many athletes choose to take a dose of delta-8 after training to stay in full strength and continue with their daily routines.

Delta 8 for Better Sleep

Professional athletes need to sleep to have strength and energy. Sleep is essential for the physical and mental health of all people. Lack of sleep can significantly affect an athlete’s performance. It is recommended that athletes must have a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep.

Delta 8 has a calming effect and helps with insomnia. It can also improve sleep quality. One of the essential properties of delta-8 compounds is that it relaxes muscles. The delta-8 molecules pass through the digestive system very slowly and therefore provide relaxation in the long run. If you take delta-8 before going to bed, be sure that you will be completely calm and relaxed for 6-7 hours.


  • 1st Delta 8 THC Dosage Tier (low tolerance): 5 – 15 mg per serving

  • 2nd Delta 8 THC Dosage Tier (medium tolerance): 15 – 45 mg per serving

  • 3rd Delta 8 THC Dosage Tier (high tolerance): 45 – 150 mg+ per serving

Delta 8 THC usually kicks in within 10-20 minutes when vaped, 1-1.5 hours if ingested through tinctures, and 2+ hours when you take products like capsules or gummies.


A delta 8 THC dosage chart is a good starting point if you want to find the right amount for yourself without experiencing any side effects. You can use the chart below to find your ideal starting dose. It’s a good idea to start with the lower dose, and then increase the dose for each session until you find the desired effects.

Your Weight Mild Effects Heavy Effects

80 lbs (35 kg) 5 mg 15 mg

100 lbs (45 kg) 6 mg 20 mg

120 lbs (55 kg) 8 mg 27 mg

140 lbs (65 kg) 9 mg 32 mg

160 lbs (72 kg) 10 mg 36 mg

180 lbs (82 kg) 12 mg 40 mg

200 lbs (90 kg) 13 mg 45 mg

220 lbs (100 kg) 14 mg 50 mg

240 lbs (108 kg) 15 mg 54 mg

260 lbs (118 kg) 17 mg 60 mg

The consumption method is another important factor because it determines the product’s bioavailability and the duration and onset of effects.

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