How Should CBD be Taken?

CBD can be taken in several different ways. The three most common ones are #CBD oil drops from a #tincture(taken ‘#sublingual’),#vaping(by using a CBD pen or another vape device) and #edibles(such as #gummies and pills). But which of these methods are the best way to take CBD? This blog post compares all the pros and cons of these methods (CBD tinctures vs vape vs edibles), to help you decide which one suits the consumer best!

Absorption Rate

Let’s start this CBD tincture vs vape vs edibles comparison by looking at the ‘bioavailability of each consumption method. The ‘bioavailability’ is the amount of CBD that can be absorbed successfully by the body. So; a low #bioavailability means that only little milligrams of the CBD a person has taken are used, and a high bioavailability means that a lot of the consumed CBD is used. So obviously we want an as high as possible bioavailability, because this means the CBD will be more potent.

Sublingual tincture drops have a bioavailability of 25 to 35%. Edible CBD products have a bioavailability of around 15%. Vaping CBD offers a bioavailability of 40 to 55%.

So; although sublingual CBD oil has a decent bioavailability compared to edibles, the winner on this aspect is definitely vaping. This is because the CBD enters your bloodstream immediately when you vape. For the other two methods, the CBD has to travel a longer route through your body, and therefore will be broken down more. This means that vaping CBD starts off with 2 points, tinctures with 1 point and edibles with 0 points.

How Long before CBD Kicks In?

Besides the bioavailability, the #consumption method also affects the time it takes before the CBD starts working. Sublingual CBD oil drops will take 20 to 40 minutes before you can feel the effects.

Edibles will take about an hour to start working. Vaping CBD will only take a few minutes to feel the effects.

Again, vaping CBD wins on this aspect. Since CBD enters your body in a more effective way when vaping (as explained above), you will also feel the effects the quickest. CBD edibles will have to travel the longest route through your body (all the way through your stomach), and therefore takes the longest time to start working.

Lasting Effects

Another aspect that sets the three consumption methods apart, is how long the CBD effects last.

Sublingual CBD drops will last for about 4 to 6 hours. Edibles will last for 6 to 8 hours. Vaping CBD will last for only 2 to 4 hours.

So; although a quick absorption rate can be useful, it clearly also has a downside. The effects of sublingual CBD will last double the time compared to vaping CBD. Edibles will last even longer, making them the winner of this aspect.

Whats Cheapest Method of Taking CBD?

Not unimportant either is the long-term costs of the CBD method.

CBD oil drops are generally the cheapest in the long run. Edibles are considered the most expensive long term. Vaping falls in between.

The main aspects when it comes to the costs, are the concentration of CBD and how long it generally takes to finish the product. When comparing the three product types at the same price, CBD tinctures usually contain the most milligrams of CBD. The mg content in edibles is generally the lowest. A bottle of CBD oil will also take the longest the finish generally, followed by vape products. A bottle of CBD pills or gummies usually contains the least amount of servings.

Whats the most Dynamic way of taking CBD?

Each product type has a different portability.

CBD tinctures have the worst portability. CBD edibles have the best portability. CBD vape products fall in between.

Edibles are considered the easiest to carry with you to use on the go. Just put some pills or gummies in your pocket and you’re good to go. #Vaporizers (such as pens) are also pretty easy to carry, but obviously take up more space. CBD tinctures are the worst the carry with you. This is because the bottles can leak quite easily. You obviously don’t want to spill CBD oil all over your stuff.

Whats the most convenient way of taking CBD?

Let’s take a look at how convenient each method is.

CBD edibles are considered the easiest to use. CBD vape products are generally the hardest to use. CBD oil tinctures fall in between.

Obviously it’s very easy to eat a CBD #gummy or to swallow a pill. Putting some drops under your #tongue isn’t that hard either, but is a little bit less convenient. Vape products are generally the hardest to use. Although inhaling isn’t very #hard, some vape devices requite maintenance. Most vaporizers are also a little harder to operate than a tincture.

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