Governor Inks Bill to Regulate Vapor Products in Florida

Florida lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed a bill signed by Governor Ron DeSantis Friday that will create a state regulatory framework for the sale of electronic cigarettes. The bill (SB 1080) will take effect Oct. 1. Among other things, the bill will raise the state’s legal age to vape and smoke tobacco to 21, a threshold already established in federal law.

It also would create a state regulatory framework for the sale of vapor products. The bill would ban vaping or smoking tobacco within 1,000 feet of a school and makes it illegal for local communities to create any regulations impacting the “marketing, sale, or delivery of, tobacco products.” It would also require retailers to obtain a “tobacco” permit.

House sponsor Jackie Toledo, R-Tampa, said before the bill passed that it is aimed at preventing minors from using electronic cigarettes. “This bill is necessary to stop youth vaping,” Toledo said.

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