Disposables vs Pod systems

Vape Pod Systems and disposable vape devices have become extremely popular this past year, and deciding whether to get a pod system or disposable can be challenging. Before pod systems and disposable devices where a thing, vapers had standard vape starter kits, box mods, tanks, RDAs, and mechanical mods which kept some vapers off cigarettes. However, there was a gap in the market. Many smokers were turning to e-cigarettes looking to quit smoking but often turned back to their old ways because they weren't satisfied with the experience. These devices targeted a particular type of vapor who enjoyed large clouds and intense flavor production which failed those who were in need of an alternative. Vape companies took this into consideration and developed the pod system and salt nicotine segments that specifically targets those looking for their traditional cigarette experience.

Ever since, pod systems have been the best way for nicotine consumption and many have made the complete switch from cigarettes to vaping. However, there was a learning curve with pod systems. Users had to understand how to properly function and maintain these vape devices. Which was causing a frustration amongst non-experienced vapers who just wanted a simpler alternative. This created another gap in the market, and then, came the disposable vape device, a hassle-free alternative which offered all the good qualities of a pod system but simpler. Ever since disposables came to the market they have been the most popular devices for beginners. If you're shopping for that right device to get you completely off cigarettes both pod systems and disposables vape devices are great options. So which one should you choose? It is important for you the understand the similarities and differences between both devices.

Pod Systems

Today, Vape Pod Systems are the most popular vape devices the industry has ever seen. Pod Systems have changed the lives of many ex-smokers by providing a better alternative. Many have made the switch to Pod Systems due to the simple fact that it delivers the same satisfaction of traditional cigarettes. Vape Pod Systems are essentially made up of two parts, a battery (body) and pod (cartridge). Inside the body is usually a built-in battery that is charged via a USB cable. Depending on the device, different batteries offer different capacities, which determine how long the battery will last before it needs to be charged. For the most part, Vape Pod Systems are small devices and have a smaller battery compared to box mods. But don't worry, pod systems are low wattage/voltage devices allowing it to last several days before charge is needed.

In addition, the small and compact sizes of pod systems have been a big perk because they are extremely portable and can fit almost everywhere you put them. Inside the body, you'll find a chip that allows for different features. For example, some common features you'll find in vape pod systems include adjustable wattage/voltage, different modes, safety protection, and software upgrades which are essential for a customized vaping experiences. Another important component of pod systems are the pods themselves. Inside the pod is a pre-installed/replaceable atomizer. The pod holds the e-liquid that is soaked up by the atomizer and burned by the coil when the device is activated. All pod systems are different and hold different e-liquid capacities, typically ranging from 2ml to 5ml of salt nicotine e-liquids.

Vape Pod Systems are designed to be used with Salt Nicotine E-Liquid but also can use Freebase Nicotine. For the best experience possible we recommend using Salt Nicotine E-liquid because the nicotine concentration is higher providing a satisfying throat hit an end user wouldn't ordinarily get from Freebase Nicotine E-Liquid. For further information, check out our blog post, "What are nicotine salts?"

Disposable Vape Devices

Disposable Vape Devices are the latest fad in the vape industry that has grown in popularity due to their extreme convenience. Vapers of all skill levels have been enjoying the hassle-free experience they get with disposable vapes. The goal of disposable vapes is to deliver the same nicotine satisfaction and experience as a traditional cigarette. Some common features you'll find in disposable vaporizers include no maintenance, disposable, and extremely compact in design. Disposables Vapes have limitations because, like the name suggests, they are disposable. There is a limited amount of battery life, and e-liquid. Once the battery or the e-liquid runs out, it is time to dispose of the device. Although this may not attract some vapers, many still continue to use disposable devices because of their hassle-free experience. For example, if you just starting your vaping journey and have no prior knowledge of vaping but want to get your feet wet, disposables are perfect.

In the long run

In the long run, pod systems are cost effective because, the user buys a couple of coils and #Eliquid once a month, as opposed to purchasing a disposable every other day. The cost of disposables would be about 40 to 60 dollars a week, a pod system would be, the initial investment of the device, which may vary, and about 40 to 60 dollars a month.

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