CBD for great health and wellness

We are pleased to announce a new line of CBD products available in stores, Provida Cannabinoid Nutraceuticals. Provida Cannabinoid Nutraceuticals has an array of products, there are topical creams, tinctures, gummy's and, CBD for pets.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids in a Daily Drop (tinctures)

Easily the most popular way to take CBD is through a tincture. Our high-quality oils contain all the necessary fats to ensure full spectrum absorption of all the cannabinoids. This is crucial for activating the "entourage effect" which is when all the cannabinoids work together to achieve balanced relief.

Dosage Chart

3000mg/30ml (1ml = 100 mg CBD)

1500mg/30ml (1ml = 50 mg CBD)

1000mg/30ml (1 ml = 33 mg CBD)

600mg/30ml (1ml = 20 mg CBD)

300mg/ 15ml (1ml = 20 mg CBD)

Powerful Powders & Fruit Chews

Taking CBD regularly is key to its effectiveness. Provida makes your daily dose of CBD something to look forward to with delicious Fruit Chews and fast-acting, tasteless CD Quick

powders that can be added to your favorite foods and beverages.

Dosage Chart

Fruit Chews 1500mg (1 chew = 50 mg CBD)

Fruit Chews 750mg (1 chew = 25 mg CBD)

Fruit Chews 300 mg (1 chew = 10 mg CBD)

Quick Powder 1500mg (1 scoop = 25 mg CBD)

Quick Powder 500 mg (1 scoop = 25 mg CBD)

Pet Drops

Whether the CBD is for post surgery of for all around wellbeing, CBD for pets has great benefits for furry friend. CBD for pets helps cognition, digestion, nausea and calms a hyperactive pet. CBD also helps pets skin and coat. Older furry friends will reap the benefits, especially if your pet has hip and joint pain.

Dosage Chart

300mg Pet Drops Suggested Use:

ECS health, Digestion, skin irritation, minor anxiety

600mg Pet Drops Suggested Use:

Anxiety, Seizures, severe arthritis

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