A brief history

Established in 2013, three friends made a pact and resolution on a new years to quit smoking. After looking for an alternative, the three friends found electronic cigarettes. Utilizing an Electronic Cigarette System instead of conventional smoking methods, the three friends started "Vaping". The benefits of #Vaping were almost immediate, and they kicked the cigarette habit out of their lives after a 30 year toxic relationship. Their Minds, Body's, and Spirits evolved and excelled and at that pivotal moment in time, they knew, they wanted to pave the way forward by sharing their experience, strength, and hope with the world. Thus Happy Vapor Shops was born, a small store that has been fighting the good fight helping those in need of eliminating their smoking habit and aiding in their transition into the vaping world. When a person decides to have us help them in their crusade, we go above and beyond to provide the right weapons to combat and trim those cravings and urges.

What sets Happy Vapor Shops apart from the competition is, our dedication to customer service by providing the customer with the right information and device so they can be successful with their new life style transition.

A Special Thank You.

We just wanted to say thank you to all our loyal clients whom have been with us from the very beginning, and as well, to all those whom have joined us since then. Without you, we would not be here to stand and fight. Be strong and, keep up the great work in your lives and if you feel wary with the urge to smoke cigarettes again, always remember, Happy Vapor Shops is here to support you.

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